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Tuliptree & Saga.

Nestled in a charming century old heritage barn in Historic Markham Village we specialize in Scandinavian influenced lifestyle products and distinctive gift creations. Our general store is an ever-evolving concept and a true example of how we live and what we think.


I was working full time in the financial industry and being a wife and mother of 3 sons, it was during that time when it all began by being a creative sideline for me. At Christmas my husband was again admiring my gift creations that I was making for my family and friends, he was so delighted to see all the different presentations that after the Holidays he approached me with an idea. He said, how about changing your career? I can see that we should open a business with your imagination?So here it was. I had not expected that kind of offer. I sat on it for a year and then jumped in with my two feet.

I was sure that a part of the name had to be my mother’s name “Saga” she was a successful business woman/ partner with my father in Helsinki, Finland. I started to think about of her favourite flower which was the tulip and also mine. To make long story short I found out that the Tulip tree (which actually exists and grows in the forests in Eastern part of the US and Southern Ontario) is the Apollo of the forest — tall and handsome, grows up to 200 feet tall. Just like my mother, a tall and beautiful woman inside out. Triumph! Tuliptree & Saga was born.

The philosophy behind Tuliptree & Saga is simple. I think of our everyday life to find inspiration for the merchandise we stock. I believe in uncomplicated, classic, functional, good quality beautiful products that can add bliss to any home. Due to my Nordic background I love white and more white. White goes with everything; with this clean serene canvas the simplest objects are just lovely on their own. Our belief is, less is more, and this is, to have a selection of good quality goods that are practical, visually pleasing, long lasting and against throwawayism. When you can draw beauty from simple things then you have something utterly special.







Canadian House & Home Blog March 2012.

Author: Kimberley Brown

As far as blog topics go, spring cleaning isn't exactly sexy. But it is satisfying. Pulling off wool blankets to dress the bed with crisp linens, unpacking summer fashions from their storage boxes and bringing out the plates for patio season induces a welcome sense of renewal, then stock-up on eco-friendly cleansers. Some great new ones have crossed my desk recently that smell amazing and get the job done without damaging the environment.  


First up, the Saga line of dish soap, hand soap and lotion. I like the simple minimalist packaging, and the gentle lemongrass scent laced with tropical coconut is delicious enough to make washing up the dinner dishes feel a little less like a chore. The line is made in Canada for Tuliptree & Saga, a favourite shop of mine in Markham, Ontario that's run by the lovely Rita Ahola-Khan and her husband, Saleem. It's a plant-based formula, free of petrochemicals and features natural and organic extracts. Naturally, the bottles are recyclable.



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Eco home - Canadian House & Home March 2011



Canadian House & Home Magazine July 2008 




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