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Deep in the heart of February


Deep in the heart of February

As many of you know, we’ve been spending some quiet days here at home. We cherish every moment, however fleeting, of the wintery Village slumber. The stillness of a February evening juxtaposed by roaring yet cozy fires are the order of the day. Comforting dishes cooked low and slow along with freshly baked cakes and breads provide an intoxicating aroma.

We’ve also been busy thinking of you as well. As the spring approaches, we have been preparing to list new items for our online store.There are some exciting new ideas in the works. Be sure to visit our website soon for our seasonal recipes and online shop treasures.

In the meantime, please find our recipes below. We are serious about citrus. These flavours are pure and simple. We’ve been craving for basic fresh flavours after all those delectable Holiday indulgences. For more ideas like these, be sure to head to our recipe journal section on our online shop.

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges have one of the shortest seasons for fruit and vegetables, starting in December and ending in April.

My sweetest memories of these oranges was when as a child growing up in Finland my father who was very fond of blood oranges. So much so, he had them shipped from Spain. They weren’t readily available in the grocery stores.I remember these wooden crates arriving at our doorstep by a courier. Taking extra care to open the wooden boxes... a crowbar was needed to remove those long steel staples.

Then carefully unpacking the beauties one by one as they were individually wrapped in tissue paper to keep them fresh and unbruised. My mother then cooking and preparing all sorts of culinary dishes and baked goods from this extraordinary fruit. My absolute favourite was her citrus cake that was finished with a sheer pink citrusy glaze.

You can see the recipes here on our website.

We hope to see you in the Village this spring!

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