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1 cloth woven from flax.

  • garments or other household articles such as sheets made, or originally made, of linen.

  • Old English

    līnen (as an adjective in the sense ‘made of flax’); related to Dutch linnen, German Leinen, also to obsolete line‘flax.’

    I have been an advocate of linen my entire life. I always feel that it is the most misunderstood fabric we use in our daily routine. Many, I think feel that it is delicate or perhaps more single purposed in nature rather than durable and reliable. An everyday staple in my household. I have had many conversations over the years. Guests in my home might admire a pillow cover or dish towel and ask what the fabric is. More often than not it turns out to be linen. Quite a few of these friends have been surprised by my revelation. They usually say something along the lines of "Linen? Really? I had no idea you could use linen as a dish towel. How do you keep it clean?

    Linen is much easier to care for and maintain than one would think. It's been elevated to a kind of sacred pedestal to be used only on special occasions because of its delicate hand. It is extremely strong, resilient and absorbent and only becomes more and more beautiful with use and with age. Linen is both hand and machine washable.Our Linen detergent is the ideal soap to launder your linens and other delicate textiles.

    In my daily evening rituals I use my linen bath towel after a decompressing nightly poach in the tub and then climb into a warm bed made complete with linen sheets and pillows. These cold January nights scream for a warm comforting sleep and something with aromatherapy…..our lavender filled linen pillow engenders a soothing sleep and ultimate relaxation. I get the most restful and rewarding sleep with this pillow at my side.

    Linen water is another wonderful tool that we use daily in our home a true multi purpose item, it is not only for ironing. We use it to straighten our sheets in the morning. It is an instant wrinkle remover.

    We also use it as an air spritz to freshen up our rooms after windows and doors have been opened every day during the year (another Nordic practice) to get the air going in the home.

    The linen waters we stock are a blend of essential oils and water. That is it, that is all. There are no hidden chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

    Linen has been with me all my life. I love every aspect of it. It really is something to marvel.

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