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Our January Thaw

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Our January Thaw

It never ceases to amaze me how often life comes full circle. How frequently our memories inform our habits and traits. I can remember with great fondness and detail being a little girl and being surrounded by the intoxicating aromas and blissful joy of the weeks leading to and in between Christmas and New Year's Eve. My parents always had such elegant taste. All of our meals at that time of year were truly a culinary spectacle. We cheerfully embraced all of the festivities and always kept our tree glistening until the13th of January. A tradition that is still in practice at our home to this day. When we would take the tree down for the season we always had a hint of sadness that the pomp and circumstance was all over. I guess that why they call it the January blues.

My mother always resolved to getting right to work. She enlisted my brothers, sister and I to a chore and had us pitch in. It was a post Christmas cleaning party of sorts. Although, as children at the time we weren't all that enthusiastic about it as you can imagine. We'd had several visitors. From well wishers to dinner guests our home was an epicentre of hustle and bustle. Holiday cheer abounded. So naturally, it was very difficult to keep clean over those few weeks. My mother told us that there was no better way to seize the new year that to have a clean fresh start. So, off we went. Using gentle and natural products to wash, wipe, and scrub anything and everything. By the time we finished, we felt like we had a new home. A feeling of renewal swept over the house. It really was a wonderful tradition to get us re-engaged and focus on the new year ahead.

This tradition has been with me ever since. I did this very same cleaning party with my boys, who, were even less enthusiastic than I was as a little girl. We got them going with the promise of pizza and ice cream afterwards.

Now my boys are all grown up, and have family's of their own. I'm not sure if the tradition will continue, something tells me it just might. Every year, on the 13th, I take down my tree and have that very same cleaning extravaganza.

Since the day when we found Sapadilla we've been using this wonderful product. The line consists of a laundry detergent, counter top spray, all purpose cleaner, hand soap, and dish soap. This time I chose to use the Rosemary + Peppermint paring. It is planet friendly cleaning using only the highest of ingredients and a blend of essential oils to create a captivating scent with a hint of sweet rosemary to soften the blend.

We have had wonderful success keeping our home fresh and clean with these products. With the full line, we are able to keep the fragrance all through out wether it’s the floor, bathrooms, or even washing our hands. We also offer the Grapefruit + Bergamot and Sweet Lavender + Lime. All of which we have enjoyed in our space. Every Christmas I think of my mother. Every 13th of January I cant help but smile and remember all of the beauty in simplicity. 

This week all Sapadilla products are on sale to introduce these lovely suds to your home.

Happy New Year,


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