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Which denomination is the merchandise priced in?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

How do you use the lull?

Lull is used the same way as  a dryer sachet, just put it in with wet laundry to be dried in the dryer.

What do I do with the lull after I have used it up?

The use of the lull goes on and on, just squeeze the bag and the essential oil from the petals will extract the scent again. Good uses could be in your linen closet, wardrobe, shoe closet in your car etc…. we don’t recommend more than 20 uses in the dryer because of the hot air in the dryer  therefore the scent will diminish in strength.

What are lavender petals and where do they come from?

Lavender petals are small petals that look like seeds from the Lavender flower. When you squeeze these little seeds they extract this wonderful scent called Lavender. Our Lavender petals come from France.

What is a linen sachet?

A linen sachet is a small bag made of linen and the linen we use is  imported  from France.

Can I use my gift card online?

Gift cards are for in-store purchases only.


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